Meet the Owner

Meet Aklee Jay...

She is a mother, daughter, sister, and currently a pending Master of Social Work graduate at the University of Houston.

She was born and raised in Houston,TX to Trinidadian/West Indian parents.

She created Cultural Fusions LLC's website due to the constant demand on social media from celebrities, her friends and associates and people she noticed always searching for different services online. She quickly realized that there is a need for a website/app where you can find any small business all in the same place. So she decided to create this website to make the process a whole lot easier for everyone.

In April 2019, Cultural Fusions was then born to be what it is now.  This website was created to simply provide easy access for needed services for all small businesses, especially Caribbean/Black/African/Latino businesses.

C.E.O Aklee Jay envisions Cultural Fusions will become a "one-stop shop" for all of your small businesses worldwide. Spread the word of our website and pages and help us to fulfill our purpose and mission by creating more generational wealth in our communities globally!

Thank you!



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